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Main » 2012 » October » 5 » [Solved] There are No Active Mixer Device Available
11:33 AM
[Solved] There are No Active Mixer Device Available

I got lot of mails regarding the Error in Widows XP "There are No Active Mixer Device Available", The problem belong to the sound service and the problem cause because the system is infected with virus so the sound service is automatic stop, it might me infect more services also like "The Network in not present or started", "Share Service also disable" so today i'm making the best thing to resolve this problem in few second, read the mention below instruction. 


Download the Free Antivirus and installed it in your computer and start the scanning. 

It turns out the problem for this error lies in the Windows Audio Service, which usually starts automatically when the sound card is installed and working. However, in this case the service was turned off. Follow the instructions below to reactivate the Windows Audio service.
  1. Click on Start and Run
  2. Type the following command and press Enter
  1. Scroll down to Windows Audio in the right-hand column and double-click on it, you should see a screen similar to this one.
  2. Make sure the Startup Type is set to Automatic and click on the Start button under Service Status. The Windows Audio service should restart and the error with the volume control should be resolved.

Upon checking under the Hardware section via the System Properties, we found a couple of yellow exclamation points next to Multimedia Audio Controller. Now this issue would have been easy to fix if the computer had a separate sound card installed and would have simply involved downloading and re-installing the latest drive for the card. Sometimes the driver becomes corrupt and the sound disappears. In this case, just go to Dell, HP, or your manufacture’s web site and download the audio drivers.
However, if your sound card is integrated into your motherboard, you’ll have to re-install the motherboard sound drivers. This is a little trickier because you need to first find the make and model of your motherboard. You can figure out the model of your motherboard in three ways:
1. Open the computer and find the sticker or embedded name of the manufacturer. Be sure it’s not the maker of the chipset, as that will not help.
2. Everest software – a free app that will help you identify your motherboard.
3. Belarc Advisor – Another nifty little app that will give you a crap load of information about your computer including the motherboard.
Once you have the model information, you’ll need to perform a search for the number or try to go to the web site of the maker. Find your driver, install it and restart the computer. You should now have your sound back!

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