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Main » 2011 » December » 19 » [Solved] "Not Allow to Dial" Error in China IPhone
7:10 PM
[Solved] "Not Allow to Dial" Error in China IPhone

Not Allow to Dial Error Message in China iPhone

Not Allowed to Dial Error Message on a Sci Phone i68 4G

I recently purchased a SciPhone 4G with a dual sim card phone. I was very happy with this phone. I had no problems until one day I couldn’t call out. I kept getting a not allowed to dial message every time I tried to call anyone.

I could still receive calls and send and receive texts but I couldn’t call out. After quite a bit of research on the internet I came up with a solution. None of the solutions available had all the information I needed I just kept trying different combinations until it worked.

Here is the step by step solution I used to remove the "not allowed to dial” message and allow me to dial out again.

  1. turn off the phone
  2. place 2 sims on the phone
  3. restart the phone
  4. keep the WLAN disabled
  5. enter the engineering mode * # 82043036 #
  6. select the option RF Test Tool (on my phone it’s option 13)
  7. Select GSM, to accept him
  8. go to Power scan
  9. go to Band Select and select OK DCS1800
  10. another screen will appear (model F003) look at each of the options until you find one that will have your phone appear unresponsive (this locked)
  11. pressing the main button (the box) will take you to the home screen
  12. go to the setup menu
  13. go to network settings menu SIM1
  14. this is a preferred mode
  15. select one of the preferred modes GSM or WILAN
  16. restart the phone and you should be ready to make calls


You just enter the code/s into the phone number area in the dial section and the phone will recognize it and enter into the proper mode.

I still love this phone. It has built in WIFI so I can surf the internet with out having to have a data plan from my service provider. I use T-Mobile.

Here are the particulars on my SciPhone:
Mode: i68 Quad Band Phone

  • Dual SIM
  • Dual Standby
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

 SciPhone i68 4G Technology Specifications

Weight: 110g
Dimensions: 114.6 x 62.0 x 11.0
Battery: NOKIA Universal 4C battery
Standby time: 210 – 300 minutes
Display Type: TFT, QVGA, 3.2 inch
Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Here is some important information I found that actually works on my phone.

  • default password is 1122
  • special key code to display the firmware version * # 8375 #
  • the special key code to enter "engineering mode” * # 82043036 #
  • obtained IMEI code * # 06 #
  • factory model code * # # # 66 it is NOT recommended that you use it

I must admit I was the one who caused the problem. I am the kind of person who wants to know just what settings are available on any piece of technology I have. So if you are like me and have changed a setting on your SciPhone i68 4G Quad band Phone with WIFI and get the not allowed to dial message, these instructions should help you back to making calls again.



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