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Main » 2011 » December » 19 » Intel Motherboard Pinout
1:27 PM
Intel Motherboard Pinout

Intel Motherboard Pinout

Back Panel I/O Connectors

The figure below shows the location of the back panel connectors. The back panel connectors are color-coded in compliance with PC 99 recommendations. The figure legend below lists the colors used.

D845BG Back Panel Connectors

APS/2 mouse portGreen
B PS/2 keyboard portPurple
CUSB port (Optional)Black
D USB port (Optional)Black
E Serial port ATeal
FParallel portBurgundy
G LAN (Optional)Black
HUSB PortBlack
IUSB PortBlack
JMic inPink
KAudio line outLime green
LAudio line inLight blue

Note: The USB ports adjacent to the PS/2 ports are not populated if the USB 2.0 option is supported.

Note: The back panel audio line out connector is designed to power headphones or amplified speakers only. Poor audio quality occurs if passive (non-amplified) speakers are connected to this output.

Internal I/O Connectors

The internal I/O connectors are divided into the following functional groups:

The figure below shows the location of the audio connectors.

D845BG Audio Connectors


AAuxiliary line in, ATAPI styleWhite

Power and Hardware Control Connectors
The figure below shows the location of the power and hardware control connectors. 

D845BG Power and Hardware Control Connectors 

A+12 V power connector (ATX12V)
BRear chassis fan
CProcessor fan
DMain power
EFront chassis fan
FChassis intrusion

Note: Use only ATX12V- or SFX12V-compliant power supplies with the Intel Desktop Board D845BG. ATX12V and SFX12V power supplies have an additional power lead that provides required supplemental power for the Pentium®4 processor. Always connect the 20-pin and 4-pin leads of ATX12V and SFX12V power supplies to the corresponding connectors on the Intel Desktop Board D845BG's, otherwise the board will not boot.

Add-in Board and Peripheral Interface Connectors
The figure below shows the location of the add-in board connector and peripheral connectors. Note the following considerations for the PCI bus connectors:
  • All of the PCI bus connectors are bus master capable.
  • PCI bus connector 1 has SMBus signals routed to it. This enables PCI bus add-in boards with SMBus support to access sensor data on the board. The specific SMBus signals are as follows:
    • The SMBus clock line is connected to pin A40
    • The SMBus data line is connected to pin A41

 D845BG Add-in Board and Peripheral Interface Connectors

ACommunication and Networking Riser (CNR)
BPCI bus connector 6
CPCI bus connector 5
DPCI bus connector 4
EPCI bus connector 3
FPCI bus connector 2
GPCI bus connector 1
HAGP connector
IDiskette drive
JPrimary IDE
KSecondary IDE

External I/O Connectors

The figure below shows the location of the external I/O connectors.
 D845BG External I/O Connector

AFront panel audio
BSerial port B
CAuxiliary front panel power/sleep/message-waiting LED
DFront panel
EFront panel USB

Front Panel Connector
This section describes the functions of the front panel connector. The table below lists the signal names of the front panel connector. 

Hard Drive Activity LEDPower LED
1HD_PWROutHard disk LED pull-up (330 ohm) to +5 V2HDR_BLNK_GRNOutFront panel green LED
3HAD#OutHard disk active LED4HDR_BLNK_YELOutFront panel yellow LED
Reset SwitchOn/Off Switch
5Ground Ground6FPBUT_INInPower switch
7FP_RESET#InReset switch8Ground Ground
No ConnectMiscellaneous
9+5 VOutPower10N/C Not connected
11N/C No connect12Ground Ground
13Ground Ground14(pin removed) Not connected
15N/C No connect16+5 VOutPower

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