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Main » 2011 » February » 21 » How to Configure DD-WRT as Client Bridge
3:49 PM
How to Configure DD-WRT as Client Bridge

How to Configure DD-WRT as Client Bridge


A very simple step-by-step description to connect a Router running selected DD-WRTV24 firmware in Repeater Bridge Mode. (This will work for almost everything, but do check notes on individual routers below clock

If you are using a G router, use 12548 builds to create a wireless bridge. DO NOT USE SP1 OR THE MAY 24 08 BUILD.

This mode is NOT for WIRED connections between two routers! It is a wireless connection only.

To enable bridge mode between two routers, the primary router must be in AP mode (default) with DHCP Server enabled. The secondary router running DD-WRT v24 will be configured as the Repeater Bridge.

1.      Restore Factory Defaults on Secondary (DD-WRT) Router

2.     Do a proper HARD 30-30-30 Reset on the router.

3.     Set your computer to a static IP of

4.     Connect to the secondary router via wired or wireless client keeping in mind the dd-wrt default settings for dhcp pool and ssid

5.     Open the Wireless -> Basic Settings tab

o    Physical Interface Section

§  Wireless Mode : Repeater Bridge

§  Wireless Network Mode : Must Match Primary Router

§  Wireless Network Name(SSID) : Must Match Primary Router - Make sure you spell this correctly

§  Wireless Channel : Must Match Primary Router (This will disappear once you put it in RB mode, and isn't needed)

§  Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable

§  Network Configuration : Bridged

§  Save

o    Virtual Interfaces Section

§  Add

§  Wireless Network Name(SSID) : Different from Primary Router

§  [NOTE] - You CAN try using the same SSID but many have had random disconnects and/or no connection if the SSID's are the same. If using the same ssid doesn't work for you, use a different ssid from the primary router

§  Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable

§  AP Isolation : Disable

§  Network Configuration : Bridged

§  Save

6.     Open the Wireless -> Wireless Security tab

o    Physical Interface Section

§  Security Mode : Must Match Primary Router and DD-wrt only works reliably with WEP or WPA2-AES

§  WPA Algorithms : Must Match Primary Router

§  WPA Shared Key : Must Match Primary Router

§  Key Renewal Interval (in seconds) : Leave default

o    Virtual Interfaces Section (note if you don't see this section your firmware should be atleast v24-sp2)

§  Security Mode : Must Match Physical Interface

§  WPA Algorithms : Must Match Physical Interface

§  WPA Shared Key : Must Match Physical Interface

§  Key Renewal Interval (in seconds) : Leave default

§  Save

7.     Open the Setup -> Basic Setup tab

o    Connection Type will be: Disabled

o    Set STP for Disabled (Enabled sometimes can cause connection problems) redhawk

o    IP Address : (Assuming Primary Router IP is

o    Mask :

o    Gateway: (again assuming Primary Router IP is

o    DHCP Server: Disable

o    Local DNS: (if IP of Primary Router is

o    Assign WAN Port to Switch : Optionally enable this to use the WAN port as another LAN port.

o    Save

8.     Open Setup -> Advanced Routing tab

o    Set Operating mode to "Router"

o    Save

9.     Open Services

o    Disable Dnsmasq

o    Save

10.   Open the Security -> Firewall tab

o    Uncheck all boxes...except Filter Multicast

o    Disable SPI firewall

o    APPLY Settings

11.    Reboot the router.

12.   Once you have it working, go to the wireless security tab, and set the same type of security AND key for both the primary and the repeater SSID and hit apply.

13.   Set your Computer back to Auto IP and Auto DNS.

You should now be able to connect wired clients and wireless clients to the newly configured Secondary router. They will receive IP Addresses from the Primary Router and will be able to use the Internet connection supplied by the Primary Router.


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2 dunryc  
Thanks for the instructions well written and easy to follow I set up both my routers with dd-wrt and now have my dlink in the bedroom acting as a wireless bridge for my Linux apple tv (xmbc) much appreciated :-)

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Thanks Dunryc .................. biggrin

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good work man

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3 mannu  
Thanks Maentolatux.........Hope you will get right Information. smile

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