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Main » 2011 » December » 19 » How to Connect Interent in Laptop through Mobile
11:45 AM
How to Connect Interent in Laptop through Mobile

How to Connect Interent in Laptop through Mobile

Some of the tasks appear quite easy and simple after one succeeds accomplishing these. One waits for the new technologies and excitement these technologies offer. Internet access in India has been a tough and exciting phenomena in the past. Broadband internet has provided common people a cheaper and hassle free mean of net browsing. However, desire for more is never satisfied and people always look for newer ways to do things. Broadband has provided them a reliable mean of internet access but now they want to access internet while on move. Several service providers has come out with data cards. One can access internet while on tour or attending meetings in other cities. However, one has to cough up good amount of money for purchasing such data cards. Need for having data cards to access internet while away from headquarters can be eliminated if one has gprs in one's mobile. Since 3G offers good speed, besides offering mobile TV and video streaming, internet connectivity in laptop using 3G mobile is proving a good substitute for data cards.

mobile to laptop internet

As soon as the thought of accessing internet in laptop (from mobile phone) came to my mind, I searched the net to find information and make familiar with the process. However, this made me more confused but I got an idea of problems faced by people attempting to access net from their laptop or PC. Most of the people were either unable to connect their laptop to internet using gprs from their mobile and rest got connected but failed to surf any site. I faced similar problems. I succeeded in connecting but failed to browse net or open any website using gprs mobile. After trying for a day, I lost all hopes and revisited the internet sites providing clues or information on the topic. It will be worth mention here to inform that I tried to access internet from laptop connecting my Nokia mobile E75 using USB cable. I could connect to internet but failed to browse any site using this connection. Next day in the morning, I tried to connect using bluetooth and it was surprise of surprises that I found my internet browser opening google search page. After trying for sometime, I observed that everything was working and now connectivity was possible even with USB cable.

Nokia PC Internet Access: the complete process

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Nokia PC Internet Access

Nokia PC Internet Access

Nokia PC Internet Access


Internet can be accessed in several ways as shown below.

1. Using Software provided with the mobile: Majority of the mobile manufacturers provide software to transfer content from the mobile to laptop and vice verse. They also provide an utility to access internet on laptop or PC with  mobile phone (using inbuilt modems). Leading mobile manufacturer Nokia has its own software called "Nokia PC Suite" that comes with all Nokia models. Earlier it was provided in CD format but now it is stored in the memory of the phone (additional memory stick). If not available in the memory phone, It can be downloaded from the Noikia's website (updated versions are available as freeware).

2. Creating a dial-up connection: Internet can be accessed in the laptop using mobile as an external modem in a manner similar to a dial-up connection. However, Access Point name (APN) has to be provided in a dial-up connection to browse net.

Managing Connections between mobile and laptop

Connection between mobile and laptop can be established using either of the following:

1. Bluetooth

2. Infrared

3. Serial Cable (CA-42)

4. USB Cable

Nokia PC Suite can connect using any of the above protocol. However, Nokia PC Internet Access Utility (A standalone utility) can allow connectivity using USB cable only.

Internet connection

A. Using Nokia PC Internet Access Utility:

PC Suite zip file is usually stored in the memory stick of the mobile phone. When you connect mobile with laptop using USB cable, you have to choose an option from several options shown in phone window. Select the option "Mass Storage". Now click on "My Computer" icon of the laptop and click on the Memory. In the phone memory look for the PC Suite zip file and double click on zip file. This action will install PC Suite software in your laptop program files. After installing PC Suite disconnect USB cable from laptop and reconnect after few seconds. As soon as Nokia mobile is connected to a laptop using USB cable, a pop up window (shown in the side bar) emerges on the screen. Clic on the Auto run (RunPCNokiaPCIA_Autorun.exe) and it will open Nokia PC Internet Access window. You'll notice that utility is trying to detect your mobile device. Once your mobile is detected, it will prepare your device for connection and show the message after few seconds that your device is ready to connect.

Before clicking "Connect", have a look on the settings. Click on the settings and then on refresh button to update the connection settings. If "bsnlnet" is listed in updated connections, select it by clicking on it. If "bsnlnet' is not listed check the manual configuration option and add bsnlnet as APN (Access Point Name).

Important: You can browse web with other APNs in your mobile but you can not browse net with PC or laptop without assigning "bsnlnet" in case of bsnl connection and "mobile office" in case of airtel. However, APN name may differ in some telecom zones and you have to find out the appropriate APN if you are unable to browse net after a connction is established.

After doing it, click on the connect. If connection is established successfully, open your internet browser and confirm whether it can access any site or not. In the setting, there is no need to provide starting webpage.

If you are able to browse internet using this method, you can enjoy internet surfing. If you observe that connectivity is established but browsing is not possible, use PC Suite to connect and access internet.

Internet access using Nokia PC Suite

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B. Using Nokia PC Suite for internet access:

You can access internet from your laptop using your mobile's gprs account.If you had problems in accessing internet using method described above, you should try first to connect using bluetooth protocol. However, you need to configure settings of your mobile modem. First thing is detection of your phone. After your phone is detected, click on bluetooth settings in the manage connection menu.For this, you have to accept instructions emerging in the phone. Provide information about APN (bsnlnet is acceptable in most of cases). You will find names of several service providers in the list. If your provider's name is not listed, please provide APN manually. Other steps are shown in the slideshow in the sidebar.

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C. Using a Dial-Up Connection:

When internet is accessed using a mobile phone on a PC or laptop, mobile phone is used as a modem. If you have problem in accessing internet with Nokia PC Suite or software provided with phone, a simple technique to establish a connection is to create a Dial-Up connection. Simply assign *99# as phone number to dial (to connect bsnl & airtel both) In some cases airtel users have to use *99***1# or some other number. Leave username and password fields blank.Double click the icon created on desktop. If you get connected to the net but fail to browse net, you have to provide "APN" in the extra string command.bsnl subscribers should use bsnlnet as APN and airtel users should use mobile office as APN. Internet can not be assessed through laptop using APN's like 'bsnlline', bsnlmobile, airtel live.

If you succeed in browsing internet using any of the above technique, you can connect your laptop while on move. Other aspect of interest is of charges. You can utilize your free quota of gprs as per your 2g or 3 g plan.

Things to remember (Troubleshooting):

1. You have to disconnect and reconnect your phone from laptop to establish the internet connection.

2. Access Point Name (APN) may change from location to location.'bsnlnet' works for bsnl connection in majority of locations and mobile office for airtel connection but APN may be different for some locations. Ascertain the APN applicable in a particular zone.

3. Also make sure that settings in the phone are properly saved. You can download APN settings from the website of your service provider. Again keep in mind that APN may differ from zone to zone.

4. Phone number (to be dialed for connecting net) may vary from zone to zone and with service provider if you are accessing net with dial-up method.

5. In some cases you have to make several attempts to get connected.

6. Before attempting to connect laptop, make sure you are able to browse internet with your mobile. If you are able to browse internet using your mobile and unable to browse from laptop or PC after successful connectivity, it means your APN is not matching and you have to use another APN.

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